How to Save Big Money with Commercial Roof Coating

Your business can’t win the Powerball. Your business can’t compete on Jeopardy.

But what if you could save a hundred thousand dollars from your capital expense fund?

By implementing professional roof coating, you can extend the life of your commercial roof forever. That will save you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the cost of complete replacement.

Is your roof nearing the end of its life expectancy and you’d like to save money?

Or do you want to ensure your roof qualifies for professional coating when the time comes?

Read on to learn about professional roof coating and what you need to do now to prevent losing this financial windfall in the future.

What is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is the application of a resilient chemical layer overtop of the previous roof membrane. Coming in a whole periodic-table of materials, the coating protects against damage and the elements.

Just as many different styles of roofing are on the market, you have many choices for coating material. Certain types of coating better combine with certain types of roofs. In addition, the price and odor level of coatings varies.

A conversation with an experienced partner can help you decide.

The bottom line: When combined with preventative maintenance, roof coating can extend the lifespan your commercial roof forever.

Read more about saving money with roof maintenance.


Yes. Forever.

If you practice reasonable maintenance and judicious recoating, you will never need to purchase another roof. No more massive capital expense and no more distraction and inconvenience of large-scale roof construction.

Co-Owner of Weaver Construction and Roofing Randy Weaver has seen many commercial roofs last indefinitely due to the technique of roof coating.

“If you’ve done your job and you’ve maintained the roof well, you can apply a roof coating as it reaches its maximum life expectancy.” Randy says. “It essentially becomes a whole new roof. Then you can come back in five to ten years and install another coating–that’s the dream as to maintaining a roof.”


The style of the roof you currently have and the nature of coating you select will determine the exact price.

However, professional roof coating will be less expensive than replacement every time.

On average, you can expect to save approximately 50% to 70% compared to the cost of a complete roof replacement.

If you are in a place to decide between replacing and recoating, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation about roof coating.

The bottom line alone supports coating over replacement. However, other financial benefits also advocate for coating as well.

For one, coating qualifies as a maintenance expenditure in contrast to replacement which is considered a capital expense. Generally, you can expect to pay a reduced rate of tax on a maintenance initiative than a capital expense.

Secondly, your business could qualify for LEED credits or other environmental sustainability tax merits. Since complete roof replacement contributes significant quantities of waste to landfills, choosing coating is a green alternative. You could even get rewarded for it.

You want the savings, convenience, and environmental advantages of roof coating.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Generally, only tar and gravel (BUR) roofs don’t qualify.
  • Severely physically damaged roofs likely won’t qualify for roof coating.
  • Water infiltration disqualifies your roof for coating without additional work.

Having your roof ready for coating is a matter of maintenance above all else. A pre-coating inspection is the first step of roof coating and a preventative maintenance routine.

“When it comes to their roofs, some business owners don’t realize how much they would have saved if they could have bought five or ten more years of roof life,” Randy says. “They only realize what they missed after it’s too late.”

If you are facing down the expense of a full roof replacement, you need to have a conversation with us to see if roof coating is right for your business.

If you have a newer roof but intend to keep it forever, you need to have a conversation with us to begin a preventative maintenance plan.

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