Preventative Maintenance

Weaver Roofing experts not only build pristine roofs, we keep them that way with our unparalleled maintenance.

An experienced set of eyes hunting for possible damage and a professional set of hands making repairs — those two simple things can extend your roof lifespan significantly. Given the cost associated with any major construction or repair, preventative maintenance is smart business.

Our expert technicians follow top-to-bottom inspections with preventative maintenance, for issues large and small. That preventative maintenance can look like patching holes in the roof membrane, fixing flashings and counterflashing, repairing roof leaks — and anything else that will sustain your roof.

By solving minor problems before they turn major, you can prevent roof damage and extend the lifespan of your roof almost indefinitely. That means you can avoid the hassle of a large-scale construction process and avoid the capital expense of purchasing a new roof.

Roof Logic

Using our Roof Logic software is the next best thing to being on the roof yourself. Incorporated throughout the entire preventative maintenance process, Roof Logic stores all information about your roof in one convenient place. The crucial information stored by Roof Logic includes reports on rooftop damage, records of roof repair, warranty information, project proposals, and projections for the future of your roof. In addition to holding all the important facts and figures about your roof or roofs, Roof Logic includes visuals, such as pictures, diagrams, and before and after picture comparisons of any roof repairs we perform.

This program is a major tool to ensure your roof —and critical rooftop maintenance — isn’t out of sight or out of mind.

Roof Logic Login

You are people of commitment - and we couldn't be more pleased.
So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
Weaver's roofing service is totally awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!
Such support after the sale is rare.
We commend your professionalism and standard of excellence.