Roof Leak Repairs

When roof leaks undermine your commercial roof, you need to take decisive action. Commercial roof leaks can cause severe damage and serious disruption to your business in more ways than one.

Roof leaks create the conditions in which mold and mildew thrive. Not only are these biological intrusions expensive to remedy, they pose a threat to you and your employee’s respiratory health. Health organizations have linked mold exposure with development of the chronic respiratory condition asthma.

In addition, roof leaks can cause your heating bills to skyrocket.  Insulation is often one of the first areas of your building to be damaged by a roof leaks as water infiltrates through the top membrane of the roof. When building insulation becomes wet as the result of a leaking roof, it ceases to insulate properly. The loss of insulation allows heat to escape through your roof completely unimpeded. That creates a situation in which your heating bills spike yet workers remain chronically uncomfortable.

Finally, if you don’t remedy roof leaks, those leaks grow overtime from pinhole damage into wide crevices.  Water infiltrating your roof through a roof leak softens the structure roof itself — a massive financial concern and safety hazard. A degraded roof poses a risk to collapse under a person’s weight — and poses a risk to fall onto the people working beneath it. For those reasons, a water damaged roof always necessitates costly construction work. Prevent that potential hazard, and guaranteed expense, with professional leak repairs.

Bring out Weaver Roofing for expert roof leak repairs.

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