When something goes wrong with your roof, you can feel blindsided — by both the disruption to your business and the cost.

Whether your drains clog and water pools on the roof, or if moisture infiltrates, allowing mold to grow in your insulation, water damage to your roof presents a costly headache. Even fixing comparably simple roofing problems can close your business for days while costing you thousands.

Preventative roof maintenance is the main tool of the savvy business owner to prevent these roof damage headaches. However you can’t administer must-need preventative maintenance without knowing the status of your commercial roof. That’s why we recommend regular roofing inspections to ensure your roof receives critical preventative maintenance—whether or not Weaver built your roof. We recommend two full inspections per year.

At the end of your inspection, we’ll provide you with a report on the condition of your roof, recommended actions, pictures and locations of potential problem areas.

The steps of our roof inspection include:

  • Removing debris from drains/gutters/scuppers.
  • Examining the field of the roof for holes & punctures, missing components.
  • Checking around HVAC units for punctures/holes.
  • Making sure all edge metal is secure.
  • Inspecting all flashings and seams.
  • Checking all counter flashings.
  • Checking and touch up any caulking or sealants.
  • Making repairs as necessary on the spot.

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Used to determine if moisture has infiltrated the roof, thermal imaging is a major tool in Weaver’s arsenal. When it comes to your roof, moisture is one of the biggest risks to both the roof and your budget. Water damage repair is expensive, yet neglecting it can bring down the entire roof. That’s why Weaver Roofing employs Thermal Imaging to provide an even more detailed inspection into water damage.

Thermal Imaging stands as one of the most accurate methods to detect moisture infiltrating a roof. Since wet insulation leaks heat, the camera shows areas of heat loss. The Weaver team can use those models to determine the location and amount of water infiltration. Beyond the leaks visible to the naked-eye, the thermal imaging camera also finds persistent but subtle leaks that might be slowly damaging your roof.

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