New Roofs for Existing Buildings

When your existing roof needs to be replaced, we’re ready to go to work. You want your new roofing system to be even better than the original one you are replacing. When you work with Weaver, you’re working with a team whose commitment to quality mirrors your own.

Weavers is also committed to safety of both our team and yours. A reroofing project is potentially more dangerous than a new roofing construction project, especially during removal of the old roof. Debris can fall unexpectedly as the old materials are being extracted. A Weaver re-roofing project far exceeds our competitors, in terms of convenience to you — and safety for everyone involved.  We accomplish a safe reroofing jobsite using these techniques:

  • We use specialized ground mats to avoid creating ruts in your lawn while using our heavy equipment.
  • We use a Roofer’s Buggy to access hard to reach places around your property while minimizing damage done to the lawn.
  • We reduce risk to pedestrians and your employees by installing warnings lines, safety fences, and/or overhead protection as needed.
  • We have a fleet of Telehandlers to safely lift and remove equipment and supplies to and from the roof.
  • We use specialized powered saws, tear off machines and equipment to safely and efficiently remove the old layers of roofing material.

There are many types of roof systems on the market today and every situation is unique. With over 40 years in the industry, our team has the skills and experience needed to design a solution to safely remove and install the roof for your business.


You are people of commitment - and we couldn't be more pleased.
So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
Weaver's roofing service is totally awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!
Such support after the sale is rare.
We commend your professionalism and standard of excellence.