New Commercial Roofs

When you have Weaver’s roofers on your construction team, you can rest assured that your new roof will be built on time, on budget, and safely. That’s how we’ve built every roof for forty years, and that’s our promise to you.


Restoring your roof to last a lifetime.


Building the roof to protect your business.

We believe there’s a right way to do things. By working diligently but also smartly, there’s never a need to cut corners or do less than our best work just to meet a deadline or a budget cap.  Major work on your roof is an important decision. Partner with a company who values match your own – and produce the best results.


You are people of commitment - and we couldn't be more pleased.
So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
Weaver's roofing service is totally awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!
Such support after the sale is rare.
We commend your professionalism and standard of excellence.