Is Your Roof Winter-Proof?

Roofing materials have come a long way from the materials available 40 or 50 years ago. Today’s roofing systems carry the longest warranties in history. But just because your facility has a 20-year roof doesn’t mean you have a 20-year guarantee.

Is Your Roof Actually Covered?

First of all, if you’re not performing regular maintenance, your warranty might not apply. Most commercial roofing systems recommend that you inspect and maintain your roof to maintain coverage.

In addition, manufacturers’ warranties generally cover manufacturing defects. Yet most roofing failures are a result of improper design, installation and maintenance, not material failures. That’s why it’s so important to conduct roof checks and maintenance at least twice a year.

When to Inspect and Repair Your Roof

Fall and spring are ideal times for roof maintenance because they precede and follow the year’s most volatile weather. In the north, you can make sure your roof is ready for ice, wind and snow so you don’t get an unpleasant surprise in the middle of winter. Nobody wants to have to climb the roof when there’s a foot of snow up there.

In early spring, it pays to inspect again for damage from rough weather before spring rains come to point out the leaks and cracks for you. When it comes to roofing, finding out the hard way is always disruptive, unpleasant and expensive.

Maintain Your Roof. Maintain Your Warranty.

Weaver offers certified commercial roofing maintenance services to ensure that you get the full warranty and performance out of your roofing system. Our expert roofing technicians can detect minor damage and cracks before they have a chance to create major structural and interior problems. We can also provide advanced thermal imaging, which can detect water intrusion hidden beneath roofing surfaces long before any visible damage occurs inside or out.

Emergency Service and Repair

We also offer our clients emergency repair service in case of storm damage or sudden breakdowns, because when water is coming in to your business, tomorrow or the day after may as well be next month.

When you partner with Weaver, you’ll never have to worry about being unprotected. And you can make sure to get the full life—and your full money’s worth—out of your roofing system.

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