New and Replacement Slate Roofs

Slate roofing has been used for centuries to create strong and beautiful buildings. In the modern world, slate is renowned as a long-lasting, high quality roofing material. One that creates a unique style for any building. However, slate tiles are expensive and fragile, which makes some roofers hesitant to offer slate roofs for new commercial roofs or re-roofing projects. However, Weaver Roofing is proud to offer slate roofs. We understand that some of our client’s projects simply demand the look that only slate can provide. Slate often works as a perfect fit for university buildings and historical properties.

Compared to other roofing materials, slate is heavier.  That weight can present additional challenges. If you choose slate as the material for your re-roofing project you may need to have your building’s structure reinforced. On the other hand, if you choose slate as your roofing material in the design phase, you can make the architectural adjustments to ensure you can enjoy slate’s durability and unique appearance. For either new construction or re-roofing, if you know you need the one-of-kind style of slate presents, we can ensure your slate roof installation is completed correctly and without putting the building structure at risk. A complicated material like slate requires installation by a team of master roofers, like Weaver Roofing.

In addition to traditional slate roofing, we offer a few modern, synthetic slate options. Synthetic slate creates the same striking aesthetic as traditional slate but is lighter and less expensive to purchase. Weaver Roofing is a company with the slate expertise you need when you’re considering a slate roof for you new build or re-roofing project.

You are people of commitment - and we couldn't be more pleased.
So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
Weaver's roofing service is totally awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!
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