New and Replacement Single Ply Roofs

Consisting of a single membrane installed directly over insulation, single ply roofs are one of the most popular styles of roofs for commercial buildings. These roofs offer numerous advantages which are responsible for that popularity. Single Ply Roofs are capable of withstanding harsh weather and temperature extremes. In addition, single ply roofs are resilient, easy to install, and less expensive than other alternatives.

These traits make single ply a reliable choice for both new commercial builds and re-roofing projects.

Usually available in white, black, tan, or grey membrane roofs are energy efficient because of their ability to reflect or absorb the sun’s UV rays. This unique advantage allows the business owner to reduce cooling costs while keeping employees at a maximum level of comfort.

Different membrane materials are available, depending on your needs. The most common are EPDM (rubber), TPO and PVC (polypropylene).

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