Roof Coatings

Your building’s roof is the first line of defense against the elements. Wind, rain, ice and snow are all capable of damaging even the most secure roof.  Furthermore, day after day of baking in the hot sun wears down your roof as well.

You want to keep your roof in good shape as long as possible. Of course you can’t do anything to limit the damage caused by the elements. However, one strong preventative measure you can take to protect your roof is to apply the proper roof coating. Like a deck or porch sealant, a roof coating protects against weather wear by offering a seamless barrier against moisture leakage or sun damage. The result is an extended roof life, in some cases by as many as 25 years. That added roof longevity makes roof coating a popular strategy for business owners and building managers.

In addition to extending roof lifespan, roof coatings provide a financial benefit through their insulating effect. The coating keeps the roof surface cooler during hot summer months, reducing the load on your building’s HVAC system. That provides an added financial bonus, by allowing the HVAC to run more efficiently while providing greater comfort for people inside the building.

Choosing the correct kind of coating for your roof makes all the difference. Our experienced team will perform a thorough inspection and assess your roof’s condition. In some cases, such as an over-saturated roof, repair or replacement may need to occur before coating the roof would truly be beneficial. You can rely on Weaver Roofing to provide you with the best options and to achieve the best results.

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