New and Replacement Pre-manufactured Metal Roofs

Made of sturdy, recycled steel or aluminum, pre-manufactured metal roofs are a strong choice for your new commercial builds and your re-roofing projects. Pre-manufactured metal roofs make for an extremely convenient, hassle-free re-roofing choice. Because these roofs often can be installed directly over your old roof, this reduces the labor time and cost when compared to some other roofing material options.

In more ways than one, pre-manufactured metal roofs represent a smart financial choice for business owners and facility managers. First of all, metal roofs are synonymous with a long lifespan. A metal roof can easily last 50 years without replacement — that longevity translates to significant capital expense savings.

In addition to being a practical choice for new commercial builds or re-roofing, pre-manufactured metal roofs also represent a stylish choice. For some commercial buildings, the only the look of a strong metal roof will do. Furthermore, the sturdy steel of a metal roof comes in a variety of many attractive colors and interesting patterns. No matter what you envision for your design a metal roof can prove a smart and attractive complement.

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