Green Roof Solutions

Implementing 21st century green roof solutions can prove a boon to your business in more ways than one. Ideologically, your roof can make a bold statement about your environmental conviction. Practically, taking advantage of green roof solutions can save you money on your heating bills in the winter and cooling bills in the summer. Take advantage of the flat open space of your commercial roof by transforming into a vegetable garden with your vegetative roof from Weaver Roofing. Vegetative roofs allows you to turn your roof into a veritable greenhouse. You can grow vegetables, flowers or herbs on top of your commercial roof, without risking the security of the roof in anyway. Weaver Roofing has created vegetative roofs for a variety of structures, including corporate headquarters and universities buildings. Turn your roof into a conversation piece with a vegetative roof.

Want to go green by reducing your energy use and saving on your energy bills? The color of your roof can play a large role in your heating and cooling bills. A white coated commercial roof reflects sunlight in the summertime, keeping the indoor temperature notably more comfortable while reducing cooling costs throughout the summer months. On the other hand, black coated roofs absorb sunlight keeping your building warmer in the winter, and lessening your dependence on your heating system.

Your situation and geography determines how you’ll most efficiently save on your heating and cooling costs with your roof. When planning a green roof solution with our clients, we begin with a conversation to determine their needs and create a unique environmentally-friendly solution.


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