Roof Hatches

For roofing experts like those at Weaver, climbing aboard a roof is simple. Accessing a roof for those less accustomed to it can be a needlessly risky task.  Install roof hatches as part of your new commercial construction and guarantee that climbing onto — and climbing off of — your roof is simple as safe and easy for you as it is for us.

Installed in the middle of your roof, these hatches also provide an element of convenience by allowing roofing crews and employees to directly access the roof from inside the building. The ease of roof access through roof hatches make repair and maintenance easier.

Weaver is able to easily install roof hatches during a new roof construction project or to build them on per-existing roofs.

You are people of commitment - and we couldn't be more pleased.
So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
Weaver's roofing service is totally awesome and I would recommend them to anyone!
Such support after the sale is rare.
We commend your professionalism and standard of excellence.