Why Maintenance Matters for the Commercial Roof

A few hundred-thousand dollars.

Every time you see the number written out, it hits you like a gut-punch.

A few hundred-thousand dollars. Spent on an emergency new roof for your business.

Your roof wasn’t that old, less than ten years, but it was already full of holes. Water penetrated right through it — the roof deck rotted, water puddled all over the floor, and nasty mold grew in the walls.

If only there was something you could have done…

What You Could Have Done

Roof maintenance could have saved your roof and saved you that money. Regular roof maintenance detects and prevents roofing emergencies.

Read on to learn about the persistent danger to your roof’s health and the role of scheduled maintenance.

Dangers to Your Roof

Losing your roof to preventable issues frustrates you, no question. The cost of replacing a failed roof, particularly one undermined by water damage, can bankrupt you.

The expense comes from:

  • Price of a new roof
  • Damaged Insulation
  • Removal of the damaged roof
  • Disposal of your old roof
  • Damage to roof deck
  • Removing mold growth from inside walls
  • Possible business closure during construction

In addition, the seams, seals, and flashing —crucial aspects of your roof — are also vulnerable.

“The number one thing that kills a roof is when you did no maintenance and you get water infiltration,” Co-Owner of Weaver Construction and Roofing Randy Weaver says.

In short, your commercial roof is a hundred-thousand dollar (or more) investment. Treat it like one.

The Elements

Without a good roof, the rain would pound you and your employees during a storm. Summer heat and winter chills would bake or freeze your workforce depending on the season. Without a roof, no one would – or could – work for you.

Your roof protects you from the elements.

Those elements, though, take a toll on your roof in several ways including:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Gusts of wind
  • Debris from gusts of wind
  • Heavy precipitation
  • Rainwater pooling on the roof
HVAC Service

Many commercial buildings have HVAC systems located on the roof. However, some technicians, who don’t know to treat the roof with as much care as the HVAC system, can cause damage unintentionally. If they knew how important and expensive, your roof was, they’d be more careful.

HVAC technicians in particular can cause damage by dropping tools that slice the roof membrane or by leaving metal debris on the roof.

“They’re not roofing professionals. They’re not focused on that, they’re focused on their job.” Randy says.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind — Still Your Responsibility

Even if the factors that endanger your roof are out of your control, the responsibility to protect it is yours alone.

Take a second and think about it: when’s the last time you had someone knowledgeable examine your roof?

If you can’t remember or you know its been a while, your roof might be at risk for a costly emergency. Your drains might be blocked; your membrane might be cut. You might be gambling with a few hundred-thousand dollars.

Roof Inspection: First Line of Defense

You are likely wondering: Is my roof safe? Am I taking a gamble?

You want some relief from the uncertainty? A 2x a year Weaver inspection is your solution. The fall inspection focuses on preparing your roof for winter, while the spring exam focuses on ensuring your roof survived the winter unscathed.  We know during what season’s trouble is most likely to strike, and we’ve got you covered.

“Getting eyes on the roof twice a year can prevent a lot of issues,” Randy says.

As part of the inspection, the highly experienced Weaver roofing technicians:

  • Report on of the condition of your roof, recommended actions, pictures and locations of potential problem areas.
  • Remove debris from drains/gutters/scuppers.
  • Examine the field of the roof for holes & punctures, missing components
  • Check around HVAC units for punctures/holes
  • Make sure all edge metal is secure
  • Inspect all flashings and seams
  • Check all counter flashings
  • Check and touch up any caulking or sealants
  • Make repairs as necessary on the spot, as a maximum of 2 hour labor time
Weaver and Technology

You appreciate Weaver’s dedication to the old-time value of hard work, but you’ll also appreciate how Weaver utilizes 21st century technology to keep your roof safe.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Used to determine if moisture has infiltrated the roof, thermal imaging is a major tool in Weaver’s arsenal.

Since wet insulation leaks heat, the camera shows areas of heat loss and the Weaver team understands that the heat signature correlates to an area of water infiltration.

The thermal imaging camera also finds persistent but subtle leaks that might be plaguing you.

Roof Logic

When partnering with Weaver, you get access to Roof Logic, a software program for roof maintenance. The program stores and allows you to access the information from your inspections.

Learn More about Roof Logic

In Conclusion

Being passive towards roof maintenance actively undermines one of the most important and expensive foundations of your business.

Having a relationship with Weaver and inviting our experienced professionals onto your roof can detect and prevent damage before the disaster strikes.

Good maintenance also allows your roof to qualify for coating, which can extend the life of a roof almost indefinitely. We will feature that topic next month.

We can keep you from taking that several hundred-thousand dollar hit.

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So glad we got new roofs on before this horrible winter. Everything has held up and performed beautifully.
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