How Roof Logic Can Help You

Roofing clients always tell us how much they appreciate our adherence to the classic values of honesty and hard work. That’s been the Weaver way since day one, and that’s something that will never change.

However, our clients also appreciate our use of the 21st century roof management software Roof Logic. With Roof Logic, we ensure that though your roof is out of sight, the details are never out of mind.

Since your commercial roof is such a valuable asset and necessary to protecting the rest of your business — we treat it with the same importance you do. That’s why we back-up our classic hard work with advanced 21st century technology.

Learn more about Roof Logic, how it facilitates communication, and how we employ this powerful software to solve common roofing problems for our clients.

Roof Logic at a Glance

Roof Logic is software used to store and display a variety of crucial information about individual or multiple roofs.

Weaver is one of the only roofing companies in the tri-state area to invest in Roof Logic. Essentially, if you want access to Roof Logic, you want Weaver.

When partnering with Weaver, you get access to Roof Logic in two ways.

One, you can access your profile online and review all compiled information about your roof.

The home screen of roof logic.

Two, you can have your Weaver roofing expert present and discuss with you the comprehensive reports from your Roof Logic file.

Information Stored by Roof Logic:

  • Condition of roof(s)
  • Complete drawing of the roof(s)
  • Pictures of the roof(s)
  • Before and after pictures of repair work
  • Invoices for roof work
  • Warranty information from roof manufacturer

Visual information and specs in roof logic.Essentially, Roof Logic serves as both a database for and presentation about your commercial roof.  Precise information can help you make maintenance decisions, plan for the future of your roof, and share information about your roof with other members of your company.

“When it comes to knowing your roof, Roof Logic is the next best thing to physically being on the roof,” Weaver owner Randy Weaver says.

The Steps of How Weaver Uses Roof Logic

Although Roof Logic is a powerful piece of software, the process to use it is simple.

1. When we partner with a new client, we start a customer profile. This includes information on multiple roofs and multiple facilities.

2. We add a work order to facility profile, which will feature the initial work we are doing for our new client, including a roof inspection. This work order will be compiled and attached to the profile. Any documents, proposals, or photographs will be included as well.

3. When a roof inspection is performed, we will add the roof inspection report to your Roof Logic profile. The roof inspection report will feature drawings of the roof, pictures of the roof, and detailed inspection notes. You can access this information at any time. Whenever another roof inspection is performed, we will automatically update your Roof Logic profile.

4. When roof maintenance is performed, we will include all documentation from that procedure as well. Typically, that includes documentation of the problem and the repair. Additionally, we include before and after photos in your Roof Logic profile.

5. At any time, you can access your Roof Logic information, either online or by contacting Weaver. Business owners and facility managers find this information very beneficial, especially when budgeting for a new roof.

“Roof Logic helps us give them good data and make decisions with plenty of notice,” Randy Weaver says. “After all, no one wants an expensive capital expense decision dropped on them by surprise.”

Report work order from roof logic.

How Roof Logic Solves Problems

Problem #1: Most property or facility managers don’t have a comprehensive view of their roof — yet they need it.

If you’re a facility manager, you know the difficulty of being responsible for everything on the ground — let alone several stories off the ground. If you manage more than one building, with more than one roof, the problem only grows.

You may have scattered information, but it’s not organized. Furthermore, what you should do with the information you have isn’t always obvious.

Solution: Roof Logic stores all of the information in one place—and it can’t get misplaced or lost, either. Whether you login yourself or contact Weaver, you always get the information you need.

In addition, your Weaver roofing expert can examine the data and records with you and make recommendations about maintenance and the projected lifespan of each roof. In addition, Roof Logic reports can be made available to other stakeholders in the business.

When facility managers switch to Weaver and Roof Logic, they often feel an immense sense of relief, because one aspect of their complicated jobs becomes simplified.

Problem #2: Business owners and managers need to know they’re getting what they paid for where roof maintenance is concerned.

When you pay for roof repairs, you need proof you’re receiving an effective solution. Since the repairs take place on the roof it’s harder for you to verify yourself.

“Frequently, owners and managers tell us, ‘The last guy went up, and I don’t know what he did, but it still leaks,’” Randy says.

We know that’s a concern you have, and Roof Logic provides a solution.

The roof condition analysis from roof logic.Solution: Roof Logic allows you to examine every detail of your repair work, as if you watched it happen. You can read the description of the exact problem and the repair. In addition, you can see the work in the before and after photos stored in Roof Logic.

“Not only does Roof Logic give the complete information, but it helps them build trust with us too. They know that we did exactly what we said, and we got results,” Randy Weaver says.

These are two of the numerous problems Weaver and Roof Logic solves for building owners and facility managers. Find out more about what Weaver and Roof Logic can do for you.

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